18.30 to 22.30

Price: Adults: €37.50 

Kid’s Corner

Crudités and yogurt sauce (L)
Tomato and mozzarella skewers (L)
Mini ham and cheese Croissant (G, L, E, N)
Sausage Rolls (G, L, E, N)
Meat Pastries (G, L, E, N)
Shrimp Pastries (G, L, E, N, SH)
Meat Croquettes (G, L, E, N)
Sausages and tomato sauce spaghetti (G, L, E, N)
Chicken Nuggets (G, L, E, N)
French fries (G, L, E, N)
Mini Pizzas (G, L, E, N)
Fruit Jell-O
Chocolate Salami (G, L, E, N)
Orange Roly Poly (G, L, E, N)
Cake pop (G, L, E, N)
Fruit Skewers


Red Onion and tomato salad
Caprese Salad (L, N)
Feta cheese, Olives, croutons, and basil (G, L)
Caprese Salad with grilled vegetables and pesto (L, N)
Codfish salad, with chickpea and bell peppers (SH)
Niçoise Salad with anchovies and poached egg (E, SH)
Seafood salad with cucumber and berries (SH)
Walnut salad with rocket, grapes, mushrooms and passionfruit vinaigrette (N)
Spinach Salad with avocado, strawberry, sesame and toasted peanuts (N)
Smoked salmon and lime (SH)
Cold cuts Selection (G, N)
Cheese Selection (G, L, N)
Bread Selection (G, N)

Main Courses

Creamy Pea soup (L)
Grilled pork with rosemary
Grilled Dry Aged Beef
Chicken piri-piri (G, L, N)
Grilled Brazilian Sausages (G)
Grilled Sardines
Prawn skewer with lemon and coriander (SH)
Grilled seabream with garlic olive oil (SH)
Grilled Seabass and bell peppers (SH)
Seafood rice (SH)
Chickpea curry

Side Dishes

Thai Rice with ginger and chilli
Sautéed Potatoes with herbs
Sautéed Vegetables.


Dessert’s Selection

Beverages included (all other beverages are excluded):

Welcome drink Bellini, Water, Soft drinks, Juices, Coffee and Tea

Food ingredients  (G) Gluten . (L) Lactose . (N) Nuts . (SH) Shelfish . (E) Egg (S) Spicy (V) Vegetarian

The dishes can also contain traces of: crustaceans, eggs, fishes, peanuts, soy, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, sulfites, lupine, mollusks. If you suffer from an allergy or have a special diet please inform us beforehand. All dishes food, drinks or couvert cannot be charge if not used or requested by the customer.