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Italian Speciality

Italian pizza made from our house specialty Sourdough «Rosita».

We take pride in making our pizzas with sourdough from our home grown starter called Rosita, this starter is nurtured and kept alive to provide a special sourdough pizza base which is easier to digest and more flavourful.

Side dishes

Children’s Corner

Baby food

No salt, sugar or fat

FOR 4 TO 6 MONTHS (110ml – 130ml)

FOR 7 TO 9 MONTHS (160ml – 180ml)

FOR 10 TO 12 MONTHS (200ml – 220ml)

Traditional Portuguese deserts

Ice creams

Food ingredients  (G) Gluten . (L) Lactose . (N) Nuts . (SH) Shelfish . (E) Egg (S) Spicy (V) Vegetarian

The dishes can also contain traces of: crustaceans, eggs, fishes, peanuts, soy, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, sulfites, lupine, mollusks. If you suffer from an allergy or have a special diet please inform us beforehand. All dishes food, drinks or couvert cannot be charge if not used or requested by the customer.