Dino Park Lourinhã

Dino Parque Lourinhã is the largest outdoors museum dedicated to dinosaurs. Throughout 3 km you’re in for a true time travel beginning at 420 million years ago and unravel more than 180 live size models of some of the most wonderous animals that inhabited planet earth. Through 5 paths, that represent history and evolution on earth apart from the astonishing dinosaurs you may also observe other animals that dwelled the earth, seas and sky. This park, one of the largest dinosaur parks in Europe, you will have an “edutainment” experience where knowledge and evolution allies with fun for the whole family.    Apart from the outdoors main attractions you may also visit another exhibition by Museu da Lourinhã where a fascinating collection with some of the most important paleontological findings is available to the public. It is also made available a live lab where you can observe, in real time, the work developed in cleaning and preparing fossils. Come and be a palaeontologist for a day! In the Activities Hall you will find a variety of experiences and activities related to palaeontology and geology to share with all the family. To restore energies our visitors may enjoy the large picnic areas available to them and within our F&B vicinity many delicious snacks are also at hand.

Try our guided tours with our experts for a true Jurassic experience.

CHILDREN 4 – 12 YEARS – 10€

Lisbon Oceanarium

The Oceanarium of Lisbon is one of the most visited places in Portugal for
entertainment, culture and leisure. Hailed as one of the main reasons of national pride, the Oceanarium promotes a unique and unforgettable experience through proximity to the marine world and its hosts, between sea otters, sharks and stunning coral reefs. Buy your ticket at Martinhal Cascais and avoid waiting/queues to enter the Oceanarium. 

Working hours: Open daily

Opening hours Winter: 10.00-19.00
Summer: 10.00-20.00

Children 0-2 years –
Children dos 3-12 years –
Adult 13-64 years –
Senior +65 years –

Quantum Park

Jump, climb & skate

Welcome to Quantum Park, a place you’ll never want to leave, where having fun is the most important rule. The BIGGEST Park in Portugal and one of the biggest in Europe! Get ready to push all of your skills, whether it’s skating down our ramps, climbing up our walls, or bouncing to the ceilings in our trampoline park.
But do you have enough Energy?

• For all ages
• Insurance included
• Dynamic and helpful team monitors included
• Mandatory use of anti-slip socks. Available in the park for 2€
• Schedule – Tuesday to Friday from 16h to 20h
– Saturday to Sunday from 10h to 14h
• Sunset jumping session with disco music and neon lights
• Location- Quantum Park Cacém

Jump – 2h Session 19€
Climb – 2h Session 19€
Skate – 2h Session 19€
Jump & Climb – 1h session Jumb + 1h session Climb 19€
Sunset Session – 3h Session jump Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings
from 5 till 8pm 25€ per person
Family Pack – 2 Adults + 2 kids two sessions of your choice 59€, extra person 15€

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