Mindfloat Experience

Enjoy a unique multi-sensory experience in a zero-gravity environment, in a swimming pool that will give you a feeling as if you were levitating on water.  We wear special suits that allow us to be dry and comfortable throughout the session. We promise to provide you with a unique experience in which you can disconnect from the outside world and rediscover your interior. Breathing exercises, aromatherapy and specially selected music allow for a very individual physical and emotional experience, different every time from person to person.

Duration – 1h
Máx. 4 persons
Price per person –  35€
Saturday from 10h00

Sound Healing

Experience a Sound Healing Session, iIndulge in the vibrations of the crystal singing bowls and the benefits of aromatherapy and let the feeling of well-being and inner peace have a relaxing effect, bringing a feeling of unity of body, mind and spirit, providing well-being, energy balance and a great inner peace.

Duration – 1h
Máx. 10 persons
Price per person – 25€

Wednesday from 10h00 


Full Experience Mindfloat & Sound Healing

Enjoy a unique multi-sensory experience where we combine Mindfloat and sound healing. Aromatherapy, specially selected music, vibrations from crystal singing bowls and levitating over water will provide a feeling of well-being and inner peace that goes beyond physical and emotional relaxation. Our special suits leave you dry and comfortable to immerse yourself in this unique experience where zero gravity will make you disconnect from the outside world.

Duration – 2h30
Máx. 4 persons
Price per person – 100€

Activity to be performed: after 18h30 by appointment

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